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                        Scott Koch

199 Viking Way

Brockport, New York 14420




                Bachelor of Science in Computational Science, Math Minor

                                SUNY at Brockport, expected December, 2001

                                Brockport, NY  14420

--The Computational Science degree includes courses in computer programming, mathematics, and the natural sciences.  Computational Science is a new field and this undergraduate program is unique in the country.  CPS students learn advanced computer skills such as the use of graphics workstations and high-performance computers.  Furthermore, CPS students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and apply scientific principles in solving real-world problems.  CPS graduates are well prepared for future employment in industry, research, and academia.  Further explanation can be found at:


                Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics

                                Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, expected May 2002

                                Daytona Beach, Florida  32114

--The Professional Aeronautics degree program was conceived and developed specifically for people who have already established and progressed in an aviation career. The curriculum is designed to build on the knowledge and skills acquired through training and experience in one of the many aviation occupations. The combination of aviation experience and required and elective courses in aeronautical science, management, computer science, economics, communications, humanities, social science, mathematics, and physical science prepares graduates for career growth and increased responsibility.



 Proficient in MS Office; C++; Mathematica; MatLab/Octave;
 LaTeX; SimPro; Unix; Fortran 77/90; LAPACK/BLAS; 


 Web page development;  see:


1998-present               Koch's Spraying Service; Owner/Operator

Responsible for management of 2 to 3 employees and book-keeping as well as landscape construction, lawn care, integrated pest-management, equipment maintenance, and logistics.

1990-1998                      United States Army:

Honorably Discharged with rank of Chief Warrant Officer 2

1996-1998                Medical Evacuation Pilot; Operations Officer

            -- Ft. Drum, New York


Responsibilities included logistical and administrative duties pertaining to the employment of an 8-ship medical evacuation unit.  Implemented training and deployment schedules, as well as supervising maintenance and day to day med-evac operations.


1994-1996                Maintenance Officer, 10TH Mountain Division

            --Ft. Drum, New York


Responsibilities included conducting and supervising maintenance on the weapons systems, target acquisitions systems, and communications of the Division's OH-58D attack helicopters.  Gained extensive experience in logistics and communications, and well as experience in leadership and supervision.  Platoon leader for 16 soldiers and NCO's.


1994                        Flight School (Initial Entry Rotary-Wing), UH-60 A/L qualification

            --Ft. Rucker, Alabama


Curriculum included classes on theory of flight and combined arms, as well as  supply, military history, meteorology, survival, and the responsibilities and morality required for leadership.


1994                       Warrant Officer Candidate School;

            --Ft. Rucker, Alabama


Curriculum included classes on the force structure of allied and Soviet-style forces, physical fitness, leadership and teamwork.  Distinguished Honor Graduate - Warrant Officer Basic Course.


1993-1994                160TH Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

                          --Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Promoted to sergeant; deployed aboard  USS Saipan and to South America in support of anti-drug missions.  Conducted extensive maintenance on flight controls, pneumatic and hydraulic systems of Regiments MH-47E helicopters.


1992-1993                Mechanical Training, Apache Helicopter Repair School

            --Ft. Eustis, Virginia


Studied target acquisition/designation system and pilot's night vision system (TADS/PINVIS) for AH-64A helicopters, as well as hydraulic controls, environmental control system, and weapons systems.


1990-1992                CH-47D Chinook Helicopter Repairer and Crew Chief

 --Mainz, Germany

Deployed throughout central and eastern Europe in support of Nuclear Weapons Assuredy.  Conducted maintenance on CH-47D flight control systems.



    Computational Science Club; SUNY at Brockport

               presently building a multiprocessor computer


    Commercial Instrument Rotary Wing Pilot


     Licensed Private Pilot


     Eagle Scout, 1990


     Amateur Radio License (N2MNF)


available on request...

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